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Info on how to sell my note

Frequently Asked Questions about selling your mortgage or note.

1. How much will I get for my note?

We pay top dollar for your note! The value of the note is based on many variables, the type of note, the down payment, interest rate, payment amount, and term, as well as the buyer’s credit rating and payment history. The type, condition, location and value of the property are also factors taken into consideration.

2. What costs are involved to me, the note holder?

We pay all acquisition costs. Our quotes will be a net figure to you.

3. How long before I receive my funds?

Generally, the process takes 2 – 3 weeks. We have closed transactions in as little as 4 working days. The more information we can obtain up front, the quicker we can close.

4. What types of properties, mortgages and notes will you consider?

Residential – Single family owner occupied – Condominiums – Second homes Single family rentals – Multifamily Mobile homes attached to land. Land – Lots (improved and unimproved). Farms/ranches- Raw acreage. Commercial – Will purchase most types of commercial mortgages. Structured Settlements Lotteries

5. Why is your bid less than the balance on my contract? Why should I sell my mortgage note for less than the balance?

You don’t have your balance on your note today. What you do have is a promise of payment over the remaining term of the note. We also consider the risk involved; credit, equity, collateral, and pay history. We pay you a lump sum of cash today and that cash today is worth more than future money.

6. Do I need an attorney? What about a CPA or accountant?

That’s entirely up to you. Feel free to show all documents to a professional advisor, family member or friend.

7. How can you represent my note and mortgage holdings?

Our staff has the ability to produce professional, informative presentations on behalf of the note broker. We will meet with attorneys, CPA’s, investments groups and real estate professionals and together will present a strategy in understanding the cash value, security and investment alternatives of seller financed paper. In the case of the real estate professional, this is a great source for alternative financing and can save the sale of a transaction and in most cases, fund much quicker than institutional financing.

8. Will selling my Contract have any effect on the payor?

No, when you sell your contract or note the purchaser simply steps into the position you hold. In doing so, they are required to abide by the original terms of the contract.

9. What is your privacy policy?

During the quote request process, we collect personal information, so that we may process your request and provide you with information specific to your request. We do not require or ask for credit card information. Americus Financial Group, L. L. C. is the sole owner of the information collected on this site. We will not sell, share or rent this information to others in ways different from what is disclosed in this statement. We will only share or disclose such information with our partners. Americus Financial Group, L. L. C. is able to offer beneficial programs because of partnerships and strategic alliances. Our complete privacy policy can be found here.

10. Whom do I contact if I still have other questions or concerns?

Please call our office for assistance. Toll Free 1-866-326-9001