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Our clients’ cash needs vary when it comes to selling a note and no one understands that more than Americus Financial Group.  By utilizing various Sell My Note options we provide a clear understanding, whether it’s a note, trust deed, mortgage or real estate contract.  Our mission is to provide immediate quotes, streamlined processes and robust information for better decision making.

Mark Donoghue

Real experience

Mark Donoghue has over 20 years experience in the real estate financial markets and mortgage banking.

Buying and selling real estate in the mid 80’s, Donoghue was introduced to seller-financed real estate early in his real estate career and in 1988 was hired to purchase real estate receivables, structured settlements and lotteries for a multi-billion dollar financial services corporation where he became the top producer year after year emerging him to the position of Vice President of Production.

Featured expert in the cash flow business

Up until Donoghue’s departure in 2003 to start Americus Financial Group, Donoghue was the featured speaker at numerous industry conventions where he shared and taught his audience the principles of being successful in the cash flow business.

Structured settlements, real estate notes are big money and deserve clear leadership

Today, accountable for funding close to $500,000,000.00 in real estate receivables, structured settlements, and lottery cash flows, Donoghue has maintained his presence in the industry as a respected leader and has built Americus Financial Group, LLC to a position as one of the nation’s most recognized buyers of seller-financed real estate receivables, as well as many other alternative cash flows.

In addition to managing the day-to-day operations of Americus Financial Group, LLC, Donoghue caters to investment firms, real estate professionals, MLS groups as well as other financial institutions on how to purchase various cash flows and the value it brings to your portfolio, whether personal or business.


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