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Selling your real estate note is an easy way to turn your monthly receivable payment into an immediate and large sum of cash.  Free yourself from the stress of collecting monthly payments, and enjoy the lump sum of cash you’ll be receiving from us when we purchase your real estate note.

Work with a Note Expert

Whether you want to sell all or part of your note, Americus Financial Group, LLC is a recognized leader in the purchasing of real estate notes nationwide. Americus Financial Group, LLC has the resources, knowledge and experience to set up a transaction that is fast, satisfying and stress-free.

Get Cash Now

If you are currently receiving installment payments from the sale of a real estate note, contract note or private mortgage note, Americus Financial Group, LLC can provide you with immediate cash.

I Want to Sell My Note

Americus Financial Group, LLC provides you with two options when contemplating “should I sell my note?”

  • Sell all of the note
  • Sell a portion of the note

We can buy your note in full. The decision to sell all of your real estate note results in the most cash and relieves you of any worries regarding the property or the buyer.

You can choose to sell a portion of the note. You will get the cash you need now by selling several upcoming payments. A partial purchase allows you to get the note back along with any remaining payments.

Either way, you will receive a lump sum of cash now. Depending on whether you choose to sell all or a portion of the note, we will earn the right to collect some or all future payments from your borrower. And, the transaction does not affect your borrower. His payment amount and interest rate remain the same.

Free Quote

Once you have made the decision to sell all or a portion of the real estate note and you have provided us with the details of the note, we will send you a quote (via email or through the mail) that represents the net amount of cash you will receive. Upon approval, you can expect a lump sum of cash in about two (2) weeks.